Join us in making a profound statement about the immutability of G-d’s teachings and the eternity of the Jewish people as we celebrate the writing of the Cohen Family Sefer Torah.

Dedicated by
Dr. & Mrs. Herbert & Naomi Cohen
in honor of their children Susan & Gary, Lee & Vicky, Hope and their grandchildren Zeke and Raquel

The book of Beraishit, dedicated in memory of Haviv Malul.
Haviv Malul was loved by all who knew him. He used his challenges in life to grow, becoming greater with each test. Haviv was a role model whose memory continues to inspire his family and friends to emulate his commitment to Torah growth. His sterling character and beautiful personality lit up the lives of many people and will live on in our memories forever.

The book of Bamidbar, Dedicated by Mr. & Mrs. Jack & Joan Shuster
Distinguished Friends of the Kollel In Memory of their sister Shirley (Shuster) Goldberg

Dedication Opportunities
Sefer Torah   SOLD

Chumashim (5 Books of the Torah) $36,000
Exodus, Leviticus and Deuteronomy available    

Sedra (Weekly Torah Portions)   $3,600

Special Parshios (Torah Selections)   $5,000
ie. Creation, Blessing of Sarah ( for Childbirth), Blessing of Isaac, Eliezer and Rivka at Well (for Marriage), Hamalach (Children’s Blessing), Blessing of Jacob,Splitting of the Sea, Az Yashir (Song of the Sea), Parshas Ha-Man (Livelihood), Ten Commandments (Exodus), Ten Commandments (Deut.), Shema, Birchas Kohanim (Priestly Blessing), Mah Tovu, 13 Attributes of Mercy, Shabbos, Vayehi Binsoa (Prayer at Ark Opening), Ani Hashem Rofecha (for Health), Moshe’s Tefila for Miriam (for Health)

Amudim (columns).   $2,500

Parchment   $10,000

Posuk (verse)   $1,800 (each)

Sefer Torah Accessories    
Keser Torah (Torah Crown).   $10,000
Rimonim Crowns   $5,000
Silver Breastplate   $5,000
Silver Yad   $1,500
Atzei Chaim (Torah Rollers)   $7,200
Torah Mantel (Torah Cover).   $5,400
Torah Gartel (Torah Belt)   $750


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